Modern customer support and sales at scale

Multichannel communication made easy

Talk to more clients on all the biggest platforms.

Multichannel communication made easy

Talk to more clients on all the biggest platforms.

Automate follow ups

In most situations, you need more than one message to get a response. Now you can automate those follow up messages.

Message Sequences

If a user responds to one of the automated messages, the sequence stops and the person doesn’t get more messages. No need to stop them manually.

Create follow ups messages for each channel

WhatsApp and Messenger may require that you follow up in hours rather than days. You can create a follow up thread specially for those channels.

Conversation control

Uniboxi allows you to monitor your team’s conversations with your clients. Easily identify best performing sales rep or who need more training.


You will have all the metrics to know how your work team is performing. Also, you will be able to see specific performance metrics per executive such as, number of messages sent, business won and much more.

Automatic responses

Automatically send messages and responses to your customers, even when your business is closed. You can create instant responses or schedule them at a specific time.

Multiple users

Add all the people that interact with your clients or leads to Uniboxi. Distribute your incoming messages evenly between them, regardless of the channel they come from.


We hired Uniboxi because we needed to use Whatsapp for our 5 people customer support team. We can split all the incoming messages among the support team and classify each conversation in different categories. We are now also adding another channel (Messenger) to let our customers contact us directly from Facebook as well. ”

Andres Avagliano

CEO Deliboo

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