Thanks to Uniboxi, EasyWays can better organize its conversations in one place.

EasyWays is not just a company; it’s an experience that deserves to be lived by all cooking enthusiasts. With nearly 10 years in the market, it has made life easier for families across the country, delivering unforgettable and unique moments.

Today, they offer four Kitchen Robots, four Air Fryers, four Cooking Pots, Bread Machines, Pizza Ovens, Grills, Mixers, Coffee Makers, Food Processors, Presses, Blenders, and Basic products. All these innovations are aimed at making life easier for all their customers.


Time savings and significant improvement in conversion management via WhatsApp.


New conversations per month.


Messages exchanged per month.

Channels used

Messages on a Single Platform.


Facebook Messenger


The challenge

EasyWays has a highly competent social media team. However, they were in search of a solution that would allow them to efficiently organize the various topics addressed in their messages, ranging from customer service to marketing strategies and technical support for their products. Additionally, they needed to streamline the management of their numerous social media channels more effectively, especially WhatsApp conversations.

The solution

After careful evaluation, EasyWays chose Uniboxi as the ideal solution for several reasons. It fit perfectly within their budget and provided exactly what they needed: the ability to organize messages from all their social media channels and bring together their team responsible for management on a single platform.

The result

After two years of using the platform, EasyWays manages around 4,500 messages monthly. The functionality of Uniboxi that allows organizing conversations into columns has proven to be a valuable time-saving tool. Additionally, the creation of automated responses has significantly improved the management of technical support and customer service channels.

“Thanks to Uniboxi, we have succeeded in improving the organization of all our social media channels and categorizing messages more neatly for our team, all in one platform.”

Pedro Gálvez

Social Media Manager EasyWays

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