Dilaco updated its communication channels with today’s most widely used tools.

In 1972, DILACO was founded as one of the leading Chilean companies importing ingredients for the production of dairy products. From its beginnings, its focus has been on providing its customers with top-notch service along with globally sourced, high-quality products.

Over time, and in a world of constant change, DILACO has incorporated new lines of business. Currently, with over 30 foreign suppliers, it provides customized solutions for clients in the food and beverage industry, environmental sector, healthcare, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, among others.


Increase in sales.


Orders finalized through WhatsApp.


Conversations in the last 6 months.

Channels used

Messages on a single platform.


The Challenge

Dilaco faced the need to expand and modernize its communication channels, adapting to the most common ways in which its customers interact today.

Although they had a WhatsApp chat on their website, they encountered the challenge of not being able to organize conversations effectively between the sales and customer service departments, complicating the efficient management of interactions through this channel. They sought a solution that would not only enhance direct contact with their customers through WhatsApp but also direct conversations to the relevant departments.

The solution

After evaluating various alternatives, the company chose Uniboxi. Dilaco not only succeeded in significantly improving direct contact with its customers through WhatsApp but also overcame the organizational challenge by directing conversations to the relevant departments.

Now, Dilaco enjoys more seamless and effective communication, allowing them not only to maintain a closer connection with their customers but also to optimize the internal management of interactions. Uniboxi has become the comprehensive tool that has driven the modernization of Dilaco’s communication channels, taking their service to the next level.

The result

Today, the company is very satisfied with Uniboxi’s performance. Since January 2022, the company has successfully increased its orders through WhatsApp, finalizing 128 more orders in the last period. Thanks to column categorization, message templates, and automated follow-up messages, the company managed to handle 2,310 messages in the last 6 months.

They are currently in the process of sending marketing messages through WhatsApp so that their campaigns can expand their reach.

“With Uniboxi, we were able to update our customer service channel through WhatsApp, using a platform that allowed us to improve the management and quality of conversations with our customers.”

Matías Briceño

Customer Service Manager

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